Swell Marketing Guarantees Best SEO Services

Swell MarketingSwell Marketing believes in providing their clients with guaranteed services for SEO. There are hundreds of SEO companies, which do not provide guaranteed services, and why are you going to hire them, spending thousands of dollars without a guarantee at all. Before you hire someone to do the optimization of your website, you should consider looking for that ones with guaranteed services to be able for you to avoid losing your budget for online marketing.

Fortunately, Swell Marketing can guarantee delivering effective results for your site and if you are not satisfied with their services, they are going to refund your money. They understand that if they were the customers, and they want to hire a company that specializes in SEO, they will most likely look for an insurance policy before they would completely hire them. Just imagine handling over your dollars without any assurance that you will be able to receive effective results, which is really frustrating. Swell Marketing wants to have their clients’ business be successful, building a long-term relationship with them wherein they clearly understand that it will be impossible if they would not deliver exceptional results.

How Swell Marketing’s Refund Policy works?

Swell Marketing’s Refund Policy is only available for Search Engine Optimization services. There will be no other marketing services and products, such as social media, website design, and other related services, which will be covered in this policy. The period of this refund policy is 6 months starting from the launch of the site or the website is launched by the website designer of their customer, turning over to them for the process of optimization. Here are several ways of knowing if you are qualified for a refund:

  • When the promised rank of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as what is agreed on the contact has been met or accomplished within the period of six months, then their client has the capability to request for a refund for the whole monthly paid fees after the completion of the primary periods. You will be able to have hundred percent of your money back if the agreed contract are not met.
  • Alternatively, their clients are able to make a request for OCSEO to continuously handle the optimization of their website. However, there will be no refund to be made. Their clients are going to receive an extra three months of guaranteed Search Engine Optimization services after the agreed contract has been already attained.

Swell Marketing’s Refund Policy Enhancement

Swell Marketing has found that the benefits and enhancement of the clients are the most practical when it comes to giving their clients a chance to maximize the benefits from their services and programs. Furthermore, Swell Marketing designed guidelines to be able to ensure the use of best quality practices, preserving values of their programs, and protecting the integrity of their services for the benefit of the clients.

  • Swell MarketingThe setup fees are able to cover the particular costs – These are the fees necessary for the initial analysis of their client’s site, giving professional advices, placement of SEO engineering, onsite and offsite optimization, content development, writing press release, and a whole lot more. The fees of the contract setup are not similar from the monthly fees and they are not refundable. Although they have contracts such as these, they really wanted to help every company, maintaining a strong relationship with them, which is impossible if they would not give guaranteed results.
  • Contracts can anytime be cancelled – A refund is not going to be granted during the main period. Moreover, the prorated refund is not also granted.
  • Open for the business services
  • Delivery-capability of the services
  • Reputation and positive inclusion in the search results, and more

With the great dedication and passion of Swell marketing to help businesses succeed, they are able to this policy in progress, helping them maximize the benefits of Swell Marketing’s services.