SearchLock: How it Secures Users’ Privacy

 Search LockSearching the net, visiting different websites and connecting to people is made possible through browsers and search engines you used to redirect to a particular site and enjoy the accessible and fast services it provides. However, using such will possibly lead you acquire malware and unwanted programs that could affect your devices and invade your privacy searches.

In relation to this, you might need something that can help you in preventing such instances to happen. You might need something that could protect your device, your information, and searches every time you tend to use the internet and browse the site you would want to browse. The SearchLock is the best answer to your problems and queries regarding the security and privacy when using different search engines.

What is SearchLock? The SearchLock refers to the browser add-on and an extension for the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome in which many users, use and engage. It is designed to enhance the user’s privacy when using search engines in the internet. This free browser extension has been providing advantages and benefits to numerous users.

The company believes that every user deserve security and privacy when using a particular browser or search engine in the internet. Through the SearchLock, they have made it possible to meet the needs of the users. It is well developed in order to prevent the tracking of searches done by a particular user as well as the monitoring systems of the workplace. It has the ability to detect the tracking privacy-unsafe searches, delivers search results privately and safely through an encrypted results page and re-route the search query so that no one can follow.

This is never a computer virus or a malware that could affect your files and other important software installed in your device. SearchLock is a safe extension and add-on protecting and anonymizing the search history and web searches.

Search LockYou can now keep your search history in private through the SearchLock that provides anonymous and encrypted search engine as well as privacy tool. It will definitely help you with your every search remains private. You can always rely on this tool for it is tried and tested by most users all over the world.

You can enjoy the services and benefits it provides though adding the SearchLock extension to the Chrome to protect your privacy from detecting the searched that can be tracked and re-directing the user to anonymous and private results page at the It can prevent popular searches such as Yahoo, Google and Bing that have the ability to tie the personal information unto the search history from tracking you.

The SearchLock will not allow your personal identifiable information or search history or to store in the search engine. The company can assure you that your privacy is secured in SearchLock!

You know the fact that your privacy is indeed important especially nowadays that crimes are widely spread wherever you are. It even invades the online world that definitely affects the online users. Several frauds have been reported that getting information about a particular person is now made easier through people who discovered how to search someone’s information. This is something that you should not set aside. The SearchLock is one of the best ways to prevent your information available for other people. Through its ability to secure your search history in the web, you do not need to worry about other people getting your information as easy as they can. You will be able to use the different search engines anytime you want without worrying about tracking your search history and personal information.