Roland Frasier: Marketing Specialist

Roland FrasierMarketing and advertising are the two of the most important factors that could make up the success of a particular business. It is indeed vital to pay attention to the effectiveness and efficiency of every strategy and technique that you will be applying and integrating unto your business.

If you find it hard to choose the best marketing and advertising strategies, seeking the help of Mr. Roland Frasier is indeed a great option. He is an advertising and marketing expert who helps different business in order to scale and to prosper at a faster rate.

You have nothing to doubt his capabilities, skills and knowledge in marketing because he is an educated, dedicated and experienced person.

Educational Background

Roland Frasier finished his law degree at the University Of San Diego School Of Law, majoring in the Tax Law LLM advanced tax law. He studied securities and tax law at the California Western School of Law. After acquiring degree in Law, Mr. Frasier decided to study accounting at the Virginia Commonwealth University. That was when he realized that accounting is what interests him more than of being a lawyer.

Work Experiences

After he had finished his law degree, he practiced law in one of the top practice law firms located in San Diego. When he was 18 years old, he already engaged himself in the real estate and business investment. Soon, he learned to venture client deals and had the chance working with various businesses in San Diego.

Below is the timeline of Mr. Roland Frasier’s work experiences

• From January 2013 up to present – Principal at Medusa Capital
He works at the Middle market private equity and M&A group

• From January 2012 u to present – Principal at Idea Incubator
Through the Research Partner Program, he manages and provides sales and marketing services to the existing business. Mr. Frasier is managing the diversified portfolio of the business in publishing, manufacturing, finance, digital media and technology.

The company focuses on the businesses and companies that have the minimum 10,000 or unique visitors every month. Moreover, to those who have monthly marketing budget that is not less than $15,000 and $1 million or more in sales.

Roland FrasierHe runs the coaching, acquisition divisions and consulting mergers. Part of the roles and duties he need to portray includes the following: to implement and design marketing strategy, write copy and presentations, create offers, etc.

• From January 200 up to present – CEO at Done For You Internet Marketing
Roland Frasier works here as the CEO who offers comprehensive array of the direct marketing services for their clients, Search Engine Optimization, copywriting, social media management, media buying, etc. This company focuses on the comprehensive media campaigns that are driven by the market data, which is designed in order to maximize campaign in spend ROI.

• From March 20017 up to present – CEO at All Channels Media
He works as the CEO that set marketing strategies, developing scalability plans for the existing or new markets and wrote all copy.
Roland Frasier worked as the Managing Member at the Unity Group Global Holdings starting from February 2002 up to present. From March 2005 until May 2009, he also worked as the Marketing Director-Principal at the

As a marketing specialist, there is no doubt that he is reliable and credible for he had enough skills, knowledge and experiences. He can definitely help you in improving your sales through the marketing strategies and tips that you can get from Roland Frasier. So if you are looking for the best marketing expert, do not hesitate to seek Mr. Frasier’s help.